5 Lunch Break Ideas To Increase Your Productivity

Studies have shown that working through your lunch hour is probably the least productive thing you can do (eating at your desk, doesn’t count as a break, folks!)

Switching off from work mode even for an hour can do wonders. Here are some amazing ideas to help you re-energize and reduce your stress levels.

1. Eat them brainy foods

There’s a whole list of scientifically-proven foods that will boost your brain and memory! Indulge in some dark chocolate, blueberries or nuts to boost your mood. Dark chocolate and blueberries are packed with antioxidants to get those brain juices flowing, while nuts have been proven to improve cognition!

2. Take a power nap

Have you ever just felt sluggish, exhausted and unable to process? You can be staring at the screen and nothing you read makes any sense. This might be a sign that your brain is distracted and needs to power down for a short bit. Try a short 15-minute nap! You will be amazed how this can actually improve your overall mood and energy.

3. Break a little sweat

Take some time off and hit the gym! A short workout to break your sweat would definitely leave you feeling more alert and refreshed. This will increase your energy and productivity for the rest of the day.

4. Tend to office plants, learn a new language or watch a podcast

Do something fun like tending to your office plants, journaling, learn a new language or listen to motivational podcasts or even some funny videos! Spend a few minutes doing something unrelated to work that makes you smile. This will increase positivity and contribute to greater productivity at work.

5. Call or meet up with a friend

Make a call to a close buddy or meet up for lunch to get away from work stress. Better still, make a new friend while queuing up to get lunch!