5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in recent years given the rapid changes in technology. Although, we haven’t reached the level as depicted in movies where robots with human-like features and intelligence completely replace the human workforce, the significance of this branch of computer science cannot be denied.

Source: samsung.com

So, what is AI and how does it work?

Basically, AI is the term used to describe anything done by a machine which requires human intelligence. Here are some examples of AI which you may across on a daily basis:

  • Search engine like Google use AI to identify the most appropriate search result.
  • Chatbots are common features on websites of large brands to assist customers immediately and efficiently.
  • Online ads use AI to determine who views a specific ad, based on past behavior, interests and search queries.

AI works by using machines to replicate human intelligence. In other words, the computer learns how to respond to certain actions through algorithms and historical data which results in the performance of tasks such as decision-making, translation, and even speech recognition.

Here are 5 reasons why everyone should learn AI:

1. It is the skill of the century. The future of work involves automation and as such everyone should know a thing or two about AI. Acquiring such a skill will future-proof your career. The rise of AI in the commercial world will also create many job opportunities in various industries.

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2. AI-related jobs are in demand. Since AI is in its growth stage currently, pursuing any qualification in this field not only means a decent salary but also bright career prospects. The average salary of a programmer in Malaysia is RM3,000 (source: Glassdoor) and a data scientist earns on average RM6, 866 per month (source: indeed.com.my).

3.  AI is a versatile field. The use of AI will eventually affect many facets of human life rather than merely computer and space-related industries. It also plays a significant role in healthcare, finance and even the legal industry. A recent example would be a Malaysian court in Sabah introducing the use of AI in sentencing.

4. Potential impact on society. The use of AI is capable of creating, transforming and improving many facets of human life. For example, farming in the United States has been made easier with Farmlogs, a software which provides farmers with information about the weather and soil as well as tracking plant growth to achieve better profits. Some countries are even implementing AI in improving environmental planning, disaster management and crime prevention.

5. Better user experience. Implementing AI in various industries involves applying intelligence to machines and technology used regularly by humans as AI does not work in isolation from devices. A popular example would be virtual assistants like Google Assistant which improves an existing product with enhanced features which benefit the user.

To put it simply, AI is something we can afford to ignore as it is important to be aware of rapid changes in this field that will continue to shape our future!


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