5 Signs A PR Career Is Right For You

Do you have a knack for networking and making connections? Do you love diving head-first into challenges and cooking up a storm while saving intense, critical corporate situations? Then, a career in PR might be the right choice for you.

Check out these five tell-tale signs that you are made for the PR industry!

1. You can talk someone’s ears off

Do you always have things on your mind and can’t wait to meet someone to tell them about it? You’re always keeping multiple topics on hand to keep a party lively and to chat up the next person you meet. You’re perfect for a PR job, because likeability is one of the skills that will make you the perfect fit to become one of the front-liners for your agency.

2. You love meeting new people

Since you will always be meeting and dealing with new clients and businesses to represent, your flair of making friends and building rapport with people you only just met will be one of the top traits that employers look for. Your friendly and approachable personality is one of the reasons why you will be perfect for a PR job.

3. You love new challenges

This might sound weird to some people – but for you – a high-stress environment actually keep you going! You’re the kind of person who loves being kept on their toes all the time and welcomes challenges with open arms (on a side note, you also love jumbling up a Rubik’s cube just to solve it all over again!)

4. You are adaptable

Change is hard in general – but you find it easier than most people to adapt to different situations and always find a way to make the best out of it! You’re the kind of person who can’t imagine being trapped in the same spot for too long because you are constantly pushing forward and jumping into new environments. Learning new things always excites you.

5. You are a natural problem-solver

Since you love challenges so much, solving crisis should come naturally for you! It’s not a skill that many have, but you are the go-to person when it comes to figuring ways out of tight spots and tricky situations.


If all these pointers sounds like you, congratulations! You are made for the exciting world of PR!

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