5 Tips for Life As A Mature Student

It isn’t easy being a student. It’s even harder when you’re a mature student. What exactly IS a mature student? Most educational institutions refer to anyone going to back to school after a long period of time out of full-time education as a “mature student”. This means your classmates are much younger than you, and might even be from a whole other generation. So, how do you cope when everyone around you speak a different language and are part of a different lifestyle?

Here are our five tips for life as a mature student.

  • Learn the Lingo

YEET! Legit. Simp. GG. IRL. Gone are the days of short form language like lol, lmao, brb, and more. The youth of today speak in their own secret code, and a good way to learn how to converse with them in their language is to learn the lingo. A quick Google search would help you with the common popular terms, while Urban Dictionary will fill you in on those even Google hasn’t heard of yet. This will help loads when discussing group assignments and projects.

  • Get with the Tiktok

Apps like Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, and more is where most communication happens. To get to know your classmates and be in the know of the latest viral trends, download the top social media apps and scroll away. Not only will you learn about the current generation, but a lot of your classroom learning will involve these trends and events. This way, you wouldn’t feel lost in the classroom when your lecturer starts talking about influencer culture in the classroom.

  • Get Woke

The youth of today are extremely socially conscious. A random remark may land you in hot water if you don’t watch what you say. Racist, sexist, homophobic remarks are a big no-no in the classroom and always remember to think before you speak. A good way to “get woke” as the kids say, is to keep an open mind. While you may have opinions of your own, know that forcing them onto others isn’t welcomed. Instead, keep an open mind and join in on the discussions in the classroom about such matters. Respect everyone’s opinions, and if you want to know more, all you gotta do is ask.

  • Student 2.0

University life is nothing like what it was before. Gone are the days where lecturers stand in front of the classroom and talk for hours on end. Being a student in the 21st century means being flexible with the many different teaching methods, some you may have never encountered in your life. Just remember that the education landscape has changed, therefore you must, too.

  • Keep Calm and Carry On

The biggest hurdle as a mature student is catching up with your classmates. Their brains are young and able to understand the information easily, but it’ll be a lot harder for you. You might feel lost and confused in class, and unable to catch the information as quick as them. Understand your limitations and remain calm. Lecturers are invested in their student’s education, including yours. Approach them during consultations or after class to ask clarification questions or request for them to explain to you what you didn’t understand in class. If you show you’re trying your best, your lecturers and classmates will come to your assistance when you need them.

While some of these tips might sound scary, don’t let it deter your dreams of furthering your education. Think of it as a way for you to level up your mind and life. Good luck!