5 Ways To Safeguard Your Mental Health At Work

Mental health has become a hot topic of discussion, more so in today’s competitive job market. The far-reaching effects of poor mental health at the workplace includes low productivity. On that note, here are some basic ways to protect and even boost your mental health to achieve a balance between mental well-being and work performance.

1. Take a short break. Taking regular breaks in a sedentary working environment has been known to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and depression. Practice simple physical movements, for example, stretching from the comfort of your own desk to recharge your mental batteries and reduce stress. Bear in mind that working long hours does not necessarily mean working better. Take a short break away from your laptop and mobile phone, get out of your chair and the office and breath some fresh air – your mind and body would benefit greatly!

2. Be kind to others. It is important to practice empathy and kindness at the workplace because it is not only good to be kind, but also fosters a positive working environment. There may be colleagues facing personal struggles which you may not know about and it helps by treating them with kindness. A small gesture such as a simple “thank you” or act of kindness goes a long way in forging a good rapport with colleagues in the office. In fact, making it a daily habit is good for your own personal development!

3. Manage your time well. Clock in and out on time. Cultivating a routine of clocking in and out on time and fulfilling your work responsibilities within your contracted working hours helps to reduce both mental and physical strain. Learning when to call it a day at work enhances work-life balance by drawing the line between your professional and personal commitments. This way, you can develop better time management skills to work efficiently and avoid wasting valuable time.

4. Treat yourself. Don’t forget to reward yourself on a job well done! Treats can vary from a shopping spree to even brunch at your favourite café. The point to remember is these little pick-me-ups could motivate you to perform better at work!

5. Confide in your support network. Sharing your thoughts with close and trustworthy colleagues about work or personal struggles is a way to get things off your chest and avoid dwelling on a matter. Having a good support system at the workplace is not only good for mental well-being but also forges a better rapport between colleagues in the office.