Apps to Optimise Your WFH Experience

With the outbreak of the pandemic and lock downs/ quasi-lock downs galore, people wound up having to adapt to the concept of working and studying from home, and adapt they surely have! With most of our workloads carried in our laptops, the transition from working in an office, or attending physical classes, to working from home has been smoother than expected. However, working or studying from home, while allowing for a much more relaxed transit (from your bed to your study) can occasionally have the added challenge of staying focused. Or does it? Check out these handy apps which are helping keep folks on track during the pandemic!


1. Todoist

A simple, minimalistic app which helps you keep yourself organised! Todoist functions the same way as a regular ‘ink and paper’ to-do list, allowing you to sort and organise your tasks for the day, and set up due dates and reminders. If you’re someone who’s deadline oriented, here’s some good news: the app also has a feature which lets you to track your progress, perfect for making sure you stay focused, and on track!


2. Asana

A to-do list and progress checker – but this time, for everyone! Asana is a project management platform which can be used to assign tasks to co-workers, while keeping track of milestones achieved and the development of the project. The app also sends you reminders and notifications, keeping you updated on every, and ALL changes to your project – from a major paragraph restructuring to an updated comma, you won’t miss a thing, and everyone’s in the loop.


3. Zoom (And other Video Conferencing Apps)

Speaking of keeping everyone in the loop, there are times where, while we might not quite need (or miss) meetings, we miss having face-to-face conversations with our co-workers where we could explain exactly what we need or are trying to do. Video conferencing apps have (for most part) resolved this issue, with platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams making those team catch-ups and discussions possible!


4. Be Focused

Ever had that struggle where you just can’t seem to tear yourself away from work, even when you desperately need a break to regain focus? Enter ‘Be Focused’. Relying on the Pomodoro technique, the app breaks down your day into 25-minute focus sessions with 5-minute breaks in between, allowing you to refresh and recharge your brain, and get back on the productivity train!

(Pssst- not sure what exactly the Pomodoro technique is? We’ve written a bit  about it- check it out here!)


5. Chrome Remote Desktop

One of the most frustrating things ever – you need to send an urgent email, but your desktop is far away in your study while you’re trapped midway through a chore, and none of your mobile devices are linked to your work accounts! Here’s where Chrome Remote Desktop plays superhero. All you need to do is key in an access URL into a web browser, or download a mobile app and hey presto! You can now access your work from your phone, tablet or even another computer! Your colleague needs some work files urgently? Option: Set up remote access and allow your colleague temporary access to your computer if needed. (Note: the keyword here is temporary. Make sure to take all necessary precautions if you have sensitive documents on your computer.)

So here you go guys, some of our suggestions to keep yourselves on track for the work week. Good luck and have a productive week!