Transitioning Back To Work20210324115418

Transitioning Back To Work

nithiyahMarch 24, 20210 comments
With loosening restrictions and the lifting of the MCO, employers all over have asked their staff to begin working from their offices. To some, this m...
How To Know If You’ve Nailed That Job Interview20210215154552

How To Know If You’ve Nailed That Job Interview

nithiyahFebruary 15, 2021, , 0 comments
“Did I not explain myself well enough?” “I think that didn’t go so well!” “I should have answered that question better!” For most people...
The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Law Firm20210211160526

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Law Firm

nithiyahFebruary 11, 20210 comments
You’re in the midst of completing your CLP (or the Bar), and the pressure to start applying for a pupilage position has increased ten-fold. But wher...
Develop Your ‘Futures Literacy’20210204191352

Develop Your ‘Futures Literacy’

tushaaraFebruary 4, 20210 comments
According to UNESCO, ‘Futures Literacy’ (FL) is a capability. It is the skill that allows people to better understand the role of the future in wh...
Career Options in Legal Tech20210203154102

Career Options in Legal Tech

tushaaraFebruary 3, 20210 comments
The digitisation of the workforce, brought on by initial technological developments, and sped up by the Covid-19 pandemic, has resulted in rapid chang...
Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Arena20210201150438

Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Arena

nithiyahFebruary 1, 20210 comments
It’s 20 years from now, you’re working at a law firm alongside some of the greatest legal minds, and yet your closest colleague is Artificial Inte...
Lawyers Turned Leaders20210126144451

Lawyers Turned Leaders

nithiyahJanuary 26, 20210 comments
Whoever said a law degree only opened up pathways to legal careers was severely mistaken. This myth is especially debunked by the large numbers of law...
7 Tips for Starting A Career Remotely20210120182026

7 Tips for Starting A Career Remotely

tushaaraJanuary 20, 20210 comments
The recent pandemic is proving to be less of a stumbling block, and more of a major pothole on the road, when it comes to working experience. In fact,...
Vital Skills to Home – Lockdown Edition20210118141729

Vital Skills to Home – Lockdown Edition

nithiyahJanuary 18, 20210 comments
Whether you are a fresh graduate, a student in your final year or you’re just leafing through the job market, there is one thing curbing all our eff...
Students Doubling As Political Interns?20210108121913

Students Doubling As Political Interns?

nithiyahJanuary 8, 20210 comments
I’m sure you’ve come across young keyboard warriors angrily typing out political opinions in their comfortable echo chambers, but you will be surp...