COVID-19: 5 Fun Skills To Learn While Social Distancing

As many countries continue to take stringent measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, many people all over the world are finding better ways of working and learning at home.

Given the possibility of an extended period of social distancing, here are 5 cool skills you can learn during your stay at home.

1. Photo editing

Picking up a few online classes on the basics of cropping, filters and image correction is not only an impressive skill but one that comes in handy in a job application. More importantly, digital photo editing is a fun way to overcome boredom.

2. Coding

Learning how web pages are built is a skill highly sought after by many employers in our tech-driven world. Coding may not be hard to learn, with a little patience and a whole lot of time on your hands, you can easily get around the basics of HTML skills. Don’t forget to update your resume with your web design skills for your next job application!

3. Cooking

Food is a universal language and people everywhere relate to and enjoy food. You don’t need to cook like a chef but learning basic cooking skills enables you to fend for yourself especially when you aspire to travel overseas for work or studies in future! You might even discover an alternative career path and all you need to do is start with the basics, for example, how to properly cook rice (the amount of water matters), how to adjust heat and make a simple stir-fry vegetable dish.

4. Learn to speak a foreign language

Many learning apps such as Babbel provides sessions with real-life conversations to gain practical skills applicable in your daily life. Review sessions help you remember what you learn and commit it to memory. Otherwise, go old-school and make your own stack of vocabulary flash cards!

5. Juggling

You may not be planning on joining the circus but juggling is a good way to sharpen your hand-eye coordination. There are various YouTube videos and tutorials on how to juggle in just two weeks. Entertain your family during this period of staycation with a three-ball cascade – a toss-and-catch method that keeps three objects in the air!