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How to handle Pre-Exam Anxiety

One of the fastest ways to put a damper on any students mood: mention a single, dreaded word: Exams. As many of us can attest to, exams and exam season are a major source of stress to students. Just stroll into a classroom a few minutes before an examination, or a school a few weeks […]

How to Cope with Work Pressure- #WFH Edition!

Ah, working from home! How much easier this makes things! No need to factor in extra time for the home-work commute, and now that you have more time, you’ll be able to get more work done! You can work at your own pace- no need to stress about running into your boss! And, hey, no […]

How To Know If You’ve Nailed That Job Interview

“Did I not explain myself well enough?” “I think that didn’t go so well!” “I should have answered that question better!” For most people, the post-interview anxiety is very real and very disturbing. Our brains go into overdrive, analysing all the ways an interview could have gone better. However, there are a few ways for […]

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