FREEEEEEEEEEE!- Things You can Do Now That The SPM Is FINALLY Over!

To all SPM 2020 Students- congratulations guys, you’re finally free! Yes, the SPM is finally over. After months of false starts and looming stress (thanks Covid. No really. Thanks soooo much), it is finally, officially over! You’ve cleared a major milestone, and now, there’s no more stressing over what looks like a never-ending deadline, and no more being trapped in a never ending loop of studying!

We’re Finally FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- every SPM 2020 batch student.

And yet… now that you don’t have to spend nearly all your time studying, it does feel kind of…dull, doesn’t it? No more anticipation, no more ‘knowing what you have to do’ as soon as you wake up- no more routine. But no fear- we’re here to possibly, maybe, potentially, give you guys some…shall we say, suggestions, to fill in the void left by not having to study any more (for the time being anyway), which are in line with Covid-19 SOPs. Let’s check them out, shall we?


1. Take some time for yourself

Try a spa day… a little self-care never hurt anyone.

After getting through the SPM (and earning the somewhat dubious title of SPM Pro-Max Students thanks to all the delays), you may feel more concerned about your future plans, and feel eager to ‘catch up’ and jump-start your college experience as quickly as possible. While it’s good to be concerned about your plans for the future, it’s equally important to take some time to rest, relax and recuperate from your last experience. You’ve just had a stressful few months- studying non-stop AND coping with the uncertainty of when you’d actually be sitting for the SPM. For instance, you could treat yourself to a DIY spa day- put on a face mask (the facial kind), make yourself a nice cold drink and put on some soothing music. Take some time to remember that there’s more to life than exams and waiting to write them. On that note…


2. Rediscover your (indoor) hobbies (or discover new ones)

Rediscover that inner-artist (who was compelled to go on hiatus/ study-leave until recently)

Remember all those hobbies you used to enjoy before studying became the main focus of your day? Now that you’re done with SPM, you’re probably reveling in all that newly discovered free time. This is your chance to catch up on all your long-neglected hobbies- Clear off those books from your to-be-read list, dust off your easels, fix the set-up of those ring-lights… you’ve got all the time in the world till your results are released! (Disclaimer: Make sure that in rediscovering your hobbies, you don’t inadvertently neglect your responsibilities at home, yeah?) Just be sure to stay safe and avoid leaving the house unnecessarily (and if you do need to go out, make sure to social distance!!!)


3. Work on Yourself!

With laptops, tablets, iPads, smartphones, you’ve got an infinite number of skills you can pick up online!

If you’re worried about getting bored with your hobbies, why not try learning something new? You could start taking steps to maintain your health- instead of lamenting the risks of visiting the gym, check out DIY workout routines that you can do from the safety of your own home, or other virtual fitness classes you could try out! And you don’t have to sign up for major course programmes- why not sign up for some short courses and buff up your resume? For example- with global diversification, language courses are useful in adding to your skill-set. Basic coding and analytic skills are also in demand, and having skills like these could be useful in prepping you for college, and even the workforce later on. And the best part? Most of these courses are all done online- you can learn new things from the safety and comfort of your own home.


4. Learn more about yourself

‘Know Thyself’- When you understand who you are as a person, making a decision for the future becomes a lot easier!

When you take time to relax, recharge and rediscover your interests, you get the chance to learn more about yourself and your passions on a deeper level. Use this newly-discovered free time to understand your inclinations- areas of interest and how well they translate into a possible career and (possibly) chart out a path for your future. If you have a hobby or skill set which intersects with an area of interest, that makes it even easier! (For example, you may have a talent for public speaking/ debating, and an interest in human rights, in which case, you could consider law as a potential career option.) This also gives you the chance to consider whether or not you want to resume studying right away, or if you’d rather wait for on-campus studying to be back on the table.


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