How To Take Better Notes While Studying Online

Whether you are attending classes online or in a lecture hall, taking effective notes can be a struggle. This can make it difficult for you to retain new information and material.

In this article, we share five simple tips to help YOU take better notes while studying online.

Get into the note-taking mindset

It may sound simple but even the best of us tend to experience a mental block. Set a simple reminder that you’ll be going into class (online) and that you need to stay focused in order to take only the important points down. You can also set goals for yourself to ensure that at the end of each chapter or lesson, you have short notes to cover those areas.

Hand written notes or digital notes? Or both?

Although taking notes by hand may be ‘old-fashioned’, it does eliminate unnecessary steps such as pausing your lecture to type your notes or clicking back and forth between your lectures and typing document.  If you need to write quickly, then consider using note-taking software such as Evernote or Google Keep. This way you can store and retrieve your notes at any time.

Don’t write everything down

It’s called notes for a reason. Your notes are meant for quick reference. If you write everything down, you would be writing a lot and end up having an overload of information. This actually reduces your ability to study and recall important information at a later time. Try to use abbreviations and bullet points instead of writing a full sentence. Stay organised by making your notes concise!

Use diagrams, pictures or charts

If you can’t find the right words to explain something, then try drawing pictures or diagrams. Charts and diagrams can help you recall information at a quicker rate, as the information is presented in an easy way to understand.

Review your notes

At the end of every lesson, set aside 15 minutes to review your notes (handwritten notes or those on your computer) and commit to memory what you have learned for the day!