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Design Your Student Life

Take your growth and development beyond the classroom and get involved in the plethora of extracurricular activities available! Build new friendships and gain new experiences every day!

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Build Your Global Network

Preparing you for the paradigm shifts that are already in motion, we bring the world to you through multiple initiatives as well as providing you with a plethora of options to experience studying and living abroad. Get exposed to a multicultural environment that will challenge you to adapt personally and professionally.

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Get Backed4life

Welcome to Malaysia’s First Limitless Lifelong Learning Ecosystem, with over 300 dynamic courses in a variety of essential areas, showcasing the latest trends, practices and innovations. Learn from influencers, game changers, academics and seasoned professionals with bite-size courses to ensure you stay relevant and seamlessly upskill, multi-skill and reskill to stay ahead!

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Transforming Lives

The BAC Education Group integrates sustainability and social responsibility within our curricula and co-curricular activities to encourage our students to get passionately engaged with the world around them and actively seek out ways to make an impact on the world.

Beyond academic excellence, we give our students the opportunity to become compassionate, versatile, adaptable, future-ready and most importantly, relevant graduates.

The Make It Right Movement (MIRM) works together with over 104 social good entities either through collaborations, sponsorships or partnerships in over 200 annual charitable events.

We invite you to join us on this journey to make a difference!

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