Ready, Set, Go – The Future of Work 

Everyone is talking about the Future of Work and the impact of technology on the global workforce of the future. What does this all mean and how does this affect you as a school leaver looking for options to chart your future and decide WHAT NEXT. 


The Fourth Industrial revolution predicts a rich mosaic of shifts in occupations while industries adapt to these changes. The loss of jobs, the creation of new ones and transformation of existing ones are imminent. The reality of the impact of the Fourth Industrial revolution is largely sector driven, and most significantly, the advent of technology will mean the repurposing of jobs opening up opportunities to learn new skills and adapt. This feature will propel a culture of lifelong learning to enable populations to adapt and transform.  


Career Advisor seeks to be your guiding partner to unravel a pathway to your future. Career Advisor’s unique platform career, available on desktop and mobile, offers you the means to discover and make informed education and career choices to equip you for the future. Career Advisor is a BAC Education Group initiative dedicated to transforming lives through education.  The premise is to address the skills gap, improve the quality of graduates, reduce unemployment and increasing national productivity. This will enable the nation to remain competitive and propel itself towards a global standard. 


Our career counsellors are available for in depth conversations around career choice and course journeys. Career Advisor provides students with opportunities to unlock their potential and discover their behaviour and skill strengths via online psychometric assessments to start their journey of discovery.  Students can explore various fields of studies with comprehensive information around course and training duration, institutions, subjects, course fees, international transfer options, internships, job & career opportunities and target salary thresholds for certain careers. 


Career Advisor currently offers Over 500 full-time and part-time pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available in the fields of Law, Economics, Business, Marketing, Film & Broadcasting, Mass Communications, Hospitality & Tourism, Open Learning and many other disciplines, These courses are with various institutions such as Brickfields Asia College, IACT, Veritas, Reliance together with their internationally affiliated partner institutions such as the University of Hull, University of Cardiff, University of Manchester and the University of Reading to name a few.  Career Advisor is exploring opportunities to collaborate with other diverse educational partners and expanding course disciplines in the near future. Our aim is to create a talent pool which will ultimately be globally competitive and shape the nation for the future.  


Working with various local and international institutions as well as aligning with the vision for a holistic educational blueprint, we provide a platform for different segments of the population, not only school leavers but also working adults seeking reskilling, employers looking to transform their workforce and people looking to re-enter the workforce to future proof their skill set by offering them an inclusive approach to educational opportunities. 


Career Advisor also provides featured weekly articles under the Learning Lab hub offering free access to a range of diverse subjects serving as learning tools for your success and increasing awareness over issues which impact lives.  


Discover endless possibilities with and Get Ready for Your Future! 


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