Why Study An Online MBA?

In today’s ever-changing corporate world, the need to keep up with the latest developments is essential. Like many, you have graduated, probably already employed, and have been working for quite some time – everything is going well for you, but then you realise with the advent of technology, the job market is rapidly changing. You need to upskill to stay relevant. So, you consider pursuing a masters degree programme, and if so, why not get an online Masters in Business Administration course from Veritas University College?

Here are the benefits of getting an online Veritas MBA.

1. It’s Flexible and Practical 

With where you are in life right now, you would probably find pursuing a postgraduate degree impractical or expensive. You find that you don’t have the time to focus solely on studies, and that a typical Masters programme could cost a lot of money – up to RM60,000! Not to mention needing to attend conventional classes on a campus which is not possible with health and safety measures and travel restrictions in place due to the pandemic.

However, furthering your education doesn’t have to be daunting or difficult. With the online MBA course offered by Veritas, you only need to pay an all-inclusive fee of RM12,900 which is much more affordable than the price of a postgraduate course. Also, with the course being made online, you get to access your education anytime, and progress at your own pace within the course of 16 months, from the safety and comfort of your home.

2. Career Development Benefits

Enrolling into the online MBA programme at VERITAS also provides you with benefits for career development. On top of all the modules that you would learn that helps you succeed in business administration and all related fields, you get micro-credentials from world-leading institutions such as Yale University, MacQuarie University, and University of California, Irvine. You will also gain free access to resources such as the ABACUS e-library, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and also obtain a locally accredited and globally recognised MQA qualification. All of this helps to build your professional portfolio and curriculum vitae, solidifying your foundations for your career journey.

3. Empower Yourself While Educating Another 

A bonus to all of this is your giving back to society. By enrolling in the online MBA with Veritas University College, you will help to fund their pay-it-forward system to sponsor an education for someone from the B40 group who does not have the opportunity for a further education. So while you are studying, you are also paying for (someone else/less privileged student) to study at no extra cost!


In conclusion, the value in enrolling in the Veritas online MBA course is unmatched. To sum it up, it is affordable and accessible but more than that, it gives you the benefits of a career foundation and advancement as well as access to multiple learning resources. Last but not least, you will be making a difference in someone’s life.


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